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The Gods 255

3.3.5 WotLK

Heroes Instant 80

3.3.5 WotLK

Gods of Cataclysm

4.3.4 Cata

WotG News

This is new Site v2015 with: unique design, CMS support, Admin Panel, new options in Account Panel, and more;

Paymenwall system support new countries now!

Forgot password sends to your Email fresh password!

TOP Voters/Week that will be reseted every Sunday at 23:59.

The Gods 255: New custom Instances! Buffed Donor Gears & New Vote Set.

Changed few images in our site, Ctrl+F5 to see them!

More details:

Leading -> The WotG-Emu delivers highest performance and richest working game environment.

Developing -> We have less bugs than any other private server, and high uptime.

Anti-Cheat -> Are built in on the WotG-Emu, hackers are banned.

Anti-Spam -> Players can't insult each others or make advertisments here.

Dedicated Server -> 99,9% online, 5 years old game.

Level 255 - Super FUN WotLK 3.3.5a realm

Rate.XP.Kill = 100, PvP & PvE type;

New custom Instances! Buffed Donor Gears & New Vote Set!

Starting Items; Custom Item with awesome huge stats;

Customized TAXI NPC; Mounts NPC with Cata/MOP mounts included;

Title Master NPC; Visual Spells NPC; Professions NPC; Instant Gear Enchants; Custom Quests;

Guild House Vendor; VIP only Mall and Vendor; Ho

Instant level 80 - Fun realm

Player vs Player

Working all Battlegrounds/Arenas;

Custom Zones: Alliance Mall, Transmogrification Zone, Fun Zone, Professions Mall, Duel Zone;

Custom Events and Instances: Obstacle Course, Kill Panda, Drak'Tharon Keep, Halls of Stone;

Custom Items: Vote items, Donor items, PvP items and more;

Custom NPC's: Starter Gear, PvP Shop, Weapon Enchantments, PvP Titles, Guild House.

New Cataclysm 4.3.4 - Instant 85 realm

Starting Gold - 20000, Honor Rate - x3, Money Rate - x3;

All classes working, All races working, All zones working;

No custom items;

Special Coins, Season 11 Elite;

Unobtainable mounts, non-combat pets and vanity items;

Voting and Donating rewards.