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Server Status

The Gods 255 3.3.5a
2 Days 21 Hours 40 Minutes
Heroes Instant 80 3.3.5a
3 Days 18 Hours 10 Minutes

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Welcome, you just accessed one of the Best WoW Private Servers!
Quality since 2008, Over 550.000 registered users, Stable Core, No lag, Better updates.
New & Better Dedicated Server!
You have just found your second home.
Playing on World of the Gods is free, easy and completely safe.

Tutorial: How to play
Following is required to play on our servers:
→ The Gods 255 & Heroes Instant 80
» You must Register account here in our website;
» You must have WoW: Wrath of the Lich King patch 3.3.5a (12340) installed
(here you can Download 3.3.5a or Downgrade from patch 4.x to 3.3.5a);
» Edit your realmlist.wtf file located in "*:\WoW folder\Data\enGB/enUS" with our realmlist:
set realmlist logon.worldofthegods.com
» Now just click your Wow.exe and Enjoy our game.
* Note: if you're stuck at Connecting... run cmd, then type in: ipconfig /flushdns

[06.04.2014] We unbanned old fly/emu hackers, multiboxing abusers, acc sharing to give them one more chance!
[17.03.2014] You can play Isle of Conquest battleground in both realms.
[16.02.2014] The Gods 255 have balanced classes for PvP now!
[18.01.2014] New KillStreak system with custom rewards added in both realms.

Heroes Instant 80:
- Cata/MoP mounts;
- New MALL;
- VIP automatic from vendor;
- CrossFaction Battleground;
- Transmogrification script;
- Instant Enchants;
- new scripts: Beastmaster, PvP Titles, Faction Changer, TOP 10 Arena, Duel reset, etc.

The Gods 255:
- Cata/MoP mounts;
- New Mall PvP;
- new custom instance Obsidian Sanctum (10p raid);
- new Ultimate Mall PvP (Arena type);
- new Upgraded Vote Jewelries;
- Level 255 Battlegrounds & Arenas.

Servers Details

The Gods 255 - WotLK 3.3.5a - max. level 255, New World with awesome unique locations, Welcome Vendor, all Battlegrounds and Arenas working, level Roads with custom drop, KillStreak system, custom Mounts, Cataclysm & Mits of Pandaria mounts patch, custom Items with super stats 500k+ dmg, custom Instances, custom Mounts, Quests and Events, TAXI and Miniteleporter, MALL's Non-PvP and PvP, a lot of Free Items, Custom commands like: .buff and .mall, PvP KillStreak System, you can play with All Races All Classes;
Heroes Instant 80 - WotLK 3.3.5a - Beastmaster vendor; PvP/Custom Titles; custom chat system; Transmogrification & CrossFaction Battleground System; VIP rank system; custom Mounts; Cataclysm & Mits of Pandaria mounts; starting level set to 80; custom instance; custom gear; custom locations (malls, events & instances); custom quests; custom NPCs; working battlegrounds & arenas; working instances; daily GM events.


Leading → The WotG-Emu delivers highest performance and richest working game environment.
Developing → We have less bugs than any other private server, and high uptime.
Anti-Cheat → Are built in on the WotG-Emu, hackers are banned.
Stability → We are offering our services for more than 5 years.
No Downtime → Crash recovery only takes a few seconds.
Anti-Spam → Players can't insult each others or make advertisments here.
Professional management → ensures long-term prosperity of the server.
Dedicated Server → 99,9% online, and no lag experience.
Better Updates & Fixes → high uptime and better new customs almost every day.

Secure Server → Anti-flood system, professional developement of dedicated server.

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